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Medical Grade Chemical Peels


  • Dermamelan (Dermamelan is a solution to pigment forming prone skin. This strong depigmenting solution provides pigment specific solutions.  This treatment is accompanied by a home care routine that is cardinal to the treatment and must be used alongside in-clinic treatment.  This treatment usually is for phototypes 1-3).
  • Jesner (This chemical peel is a brightening peel derived from fruit. There is no downtime with the Jesner and aids in anti-ageing that leaves the skin with a beautiful glow.  This peel contains Salicylic acid, lactic acid, and citric acid.  The modified Jesner has usually used a propriety peel)
  • Eclat (This is a strong anti-ageing treatment. This is a four-treatment programme every 10 days.  Mesoeclat is known to stimulate epidermal cellular turnover that eliminates wrinkles and expression lines and greatly illuminates the skin).
  • Acnelan (Acnelan uses a unique m.acne complex that actively fights acne and the formation thereof. By the use of Salicylic acid, Mandelic acid, sodium lepargilate and Shikimic acid and m.acne complex we can actively reduce acne and redness and swelling.)
  • Periocular peel (This has specifically been designed to treat and target the fine lines around the eye area. This is a strong rejuvenating chemical peel that ensures reduction of puffy eyes and discolouration around the eye area whereby we are introducing Melilot solution that we superficially microneedle the periocular area)
  • Tranex (Tranex is seen as an introduction de-pigmenting treatment solution. This treatment targets superficial pigmentation.


  • GSM (Gold standard Retinol in combination with Dermapen, this treatment uses Retinol designed by Biomedical that has active and strong anti-ageing properties leaving the skin with even skin tone and texture whilst reducing fine lines and expression wrinkles)