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Why choose our skin clinic?

Our main focus is to deliver the best results in a safe environment. Each patient gets their own personalised skin treatment plan specifically designed for their skin concerns and budget. We are working with the best products in the industry to help each patient to achieve their skincare goals in clinic and to maintain the result at home.

We want to part of your skin care journey.

Medical grade chemical peels

A Chemical peel is an effective anti-ageing treatment which provokes skin regeneration in the superficial layers of the skin. A chemical solution often consists of a natural or synthetic acids with a PH much lower than the normal, healthy skin. Chemical peels promotes healing and rejuvenation and can be applied to face, neck, décolleté and hands.

Benefits of Chemical Peels:

  • Reduce or improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Treats mild to moderate types of acne
  • Shrinks pore size
  • Reduces the appearance of sun damage , particularly hyperpigmentation and sun spots.
  • Brightens complexion and even skin tone
  • Improves skin quality and texture

Superficial peels are usually recommended as a series of treatments to achieve the best results. This can be between 3-5 sessions , 2- 4 weeks apart depending on the depth of the peel and the healing capacity of your skin. Thereafter , you can maintain the results with a treatment every 8-12 weeks.

Peri-ocular Rejuvenation

The Peri-ocular peel is a chemical solution which is specifically designed to treat imperfections around the eyes. We combine the Peri-Ocular peel with micro needling for optimal results.

Benefits of  Peri-Ocular Rejuventation:

  • Rejuvenates the skin around the eye as a results of collagen stimulation.
  • Treats wrinkles and fine lines in the upper and lower eyelids as well as the outer sides (crows feet)
  • Lighten dark circles and hyperpigmentation

 It is  recommended to do 6 sessions every 2 weeks for 3 months to achieve the best results.

Micro needling

Collagen induction therapy or micro needling as we know it, is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment designed to stimulate the body’s natural collagen and elastin production. The micro needling treatment involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles. The purpose if this treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer and more toned skin.

Benefits of micro needling:

  • Stimulates the skin’s own natural collagen to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Addresses acne and other scarring on the skin
  • Reduces the appearance of sun damage , particularly hyperpigmentation and sun spots.
  • Helps pores to appear much smaller.
  • Improves the effectiveness of topical products
  • Improves skin quality and texture

Depending on the skin concern , micro needing sessions can be done every 4-6 weeks.

Scar Treatment face and body

Micro needling can restore the complexion of the skin as a result of acne, injury or post- surgery scars. This treatment promotes the formation of new cells and accelerates healing. New collagen that’s formed will help smooth out the appearance if the skin helping to fill the scars. It breaks down old scar tissue at the same time.

For many patients it takes 3 – 6 treatments to have a full reduction of scarring. A gradual improvement of the scar texture will be noticeable within 6-8 weeks from the first treatment. Treatments to be done in 4 week intervals.

Hair loss

Aside from collagen production in the skin micro needling can also help induce stem cells in the hair follicles that leads to hair growth. Micro needling provokes the release of factors that promote hair growth or directly stimulates growth as a result of a small injury caused to the hairline and scalp.

A series of 6 treatments is recommended to promote hair growth. The treatment can be done in 2-week intervals. Patient will receive a home care kit as part of the Hairloss protocol to maintain the result at home.

LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is a popular non-invasive skin treatment for acne , sun damage, wound and other skin concerns. This treatment uses varying wavelengths of light to trigger the skin’s natural healing processes to repair the skin.

Blue light for Acne:

  • Reduces the activity in the sebaceous glads , which are the small oil producing glands in the skin.
  • May also kill a type of bacteria that contributes to acne by causing inflammation.

Red light for scarring and skin ageing:

  • May improve scarring and signs of skin ageing by acting on fibroblasts which are skin cells that are responsible to produce collagen.
  • Reduces inflammation in the skin.

Yellow light for healing:

  • improving the removal of toxins from the treated area
  • Increases wound healing , collagen production , skin hydration and overall health of the skin.

Green light for Pigmentation:

  • Helps to lighten hyperpigmentation spots revealing a brighter complexion.
  • Calming effect on the skin with anti-inflammatory properties that soothes the surface of the skin.


Dermaplaning is a skin treatment that exfoliates the skin and remove dead skin cells and vellus hair better known as “peach fuzz”. This treatment is safe for most patients and doesn’t require any downtime for recovery which makes it extremely convenient which makes it the perfect treatment to do before an event. The most common question with this treatment is “ will my facial hair grow back thicker” and the awnser is no , it will grow back with the exact same texture and colour.

Benefits of Dermaplaning:

  • Smooth and even skin texture
  • Youthful and radiant looking skin
  • Better product penetration as a result of the vellus hair removal

It takes 4-5 weeks for vellus hair to grow back. To maintain the results this treatment can be repeated every 4 weeks. Dermaplaning is the perfect treatment to do before an event.