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Sculptra is a direct collagen implant in a liquid form, which is injected into specific areas of the face and other parts of the body, with minimal discomfort during the procedure and almost no downtime. I call it the ‘liquid threadlift’ because it has the same properties as the threads we use.

It is different from normal HA fillers in that it does not give you an overfilled look, the risk of lumps is much less, and we inject more on the lateral side of the face and into the hairline to give you a lifted appearance rather. At the same time, we address the laxity issue of your skin since the tightening effect of Sculptra is by far superior to any other product currently on the market. Sculptra is a must to any excisting treatment plan, replacing some of the conventional fillers. And it is 100% natural.

Procedure time: 30 min, minimal numbing necessary.

Downtime: Minimal risk of swelling and bruising but we apply proper massage of the area post treatment which need to be repeated for 2 days afterwards.

Number of treatments: Depending on the indication and age of patient, we recommend a minimum of 2 treatments, 1 treatment at 6 week intervals.

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